Transliteration of Non-Roman Scripts: News archive




2007-01-14: Changed layout for Abaza and Abkhaz. A new feature is row numbers for easier identification of objects.

2007-01-13: Updated Serbian.


2006-09-27: The site is still alive, I’ve just been too busy with other projects… Made room for more info in the “Status” column.

2006-05-07: Updated Georgian.

2006-05-06: Updated Mongolian.

2006-04-25: Added a new email address as mail is sometimes not getting through to the old one. Russian r2 is available.

2006-04-19: Updated the disclaimer (please read) and moved old news to the archive. An update to Russian is in the works.

2006-03-06: Five months since the last update... A first release for Oriya.


2005-09-30: Updated Malayalam.

2005-08-31: The RSS feed had stopped working with Apple’s Safari browser. It’s been fixed, but currently only new articles will show up.

2005-08-04: Updated Altay.

2005-07-31: Updated Greek due to errors.

2005-07-27: Updated Kannada and Greek.

2005-07-26: Here we go again. Just a I thought the RSS feed was working, it wasn’t. Somehow a number of control characters had slipped into the XML document which rendered the feed useless for some RSS readers. Fixed.

2005-07-22: Updated Gujarati.

2005-07-21: Updated Bengali, Assamese & Manipuri.

2005-07-20: Major bummer: For several months I have left the wrong address for the RSS feed in the source code of this page resulting in the feed not working at all. I have fixed it, so my apologies to those of you relying on the feed for getting updates.

2005-07-20: Updated Hindi, Marathi & Nepali with a new layout and minor additions/corrections.

2005-07-17: It’s been quite a while since the last update. My plan is to complete the Indic scripts but as a first move I’m testing a new layout – currently for Abaza, Abkhaza and Adyghe.